Mint Courtyard

A scale model of the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin

About three hundred kilograms of bronze was used by renowned Wrocław sculptors to create in the Mint Courtyard a model of the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle to a scale of 1:100.

 First of all, the scale model was created for people who are blind and visually impaired. It has descriptions in several languages, also in Braille –says Barbara Igielska, director of the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin. But for all citizens of Szczecin and tourists it provides a great opportunity to see the Castle from a different perspective – in its full architectural form, not only in fragments. And thanks to the elaborately made details it also provides an opportunity to see the historic building in detail.

 The scale model was made by sculptors Stanisław Wysocki and his son Michał Wysocki from the Wrocław studio Stan Wys Atelier.

 – The task was very laborious and time-consuming – says Stanisław Wysocki. – This is probably the largest bronze scale model in Poland. We had to make many complicated architectural details with great precision. The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin is full of them.

 The artists worked on the project for a long time. The shape of the building and architectural details were reproduced on the basis of plans and photos. They made a 3-D, computer-aided design. Then they made the model. They hand-carved it, and for some of the elements they also used a 3-D printer. Then a cast was made.

 The sculptors reflected the beauty of the Szczecin castle perfectly. They made the most beautiful elements with great care, including, for example, the Renaissance galleries and attics, or the castle clock which says the time. There is even a miniature bell in the Bell Tower.


Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Mint Courtyard


Admission free of charge