Building Regulations

I. General regulations:

1. The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin (‘the Castle’) is a historic object entered into the Registry of Objects of Cultural Heritage.

2.. The administrator of the Castle is a self-governmental cultural institution: the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin.

3. In the Castle there is a 24-hour video surveillance that records the image and behaviour of each person going through the Castle gates. The purpose of video surveillance is to improve security and prevent devastation and theft. Video surveillance is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law and does not infringe personal rights.

4. All information on visiting the Castle can be found at

II Regulations:

1. The Castle gates (Korsarzy Street and Kuśnierska Street) are open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. If necessary, the Administrator may change the opening hours.

2. In the public areas and in the courtyards of the castle you are:

– obliged to respect the principles of public order and security in accordance with applicable legal standards and principles of social coexistence,

– prohibited from leaving children under 12 without adult supervision,

– prohibited from bringing weapons, bangers, flares, toxic materials and explosives as well as other objects and means which may pose hazards to health and life,

– prohibited from leaving any items unattended,

– prohibited from being present on the stage, back stage or at the sound engineer’s console, unless you are authorised to do so,

– prohibited from drinking alcohol in places which are not designated as bars

– prohibited from photographing and filming for commercial purposes without the Administrator’s consent.

3. Additionally, in the Castle rooms you are:

– prohibited from smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes,

– prohibited from bringing pets (excepting guide dogs and assisting dogs with a certificate).

4. Additionally, in the Castle courtyards, you are:

– prohibited from leaving bikes in non-designated places,

– prohibited from riding bicycles,

– prohibited from smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes in non-designated places, – prohibited from entering animals without a leash,

5. You are required to obtain the Administrator’s consent for:

– entry to the Castle by car, motorcycle or moped,

– conducting artistic and business activities,

– organizing gatherings, advertising campaigns as well as charity and protest actions,

– presenting banners, symbols and emblems,

– shooting and utilizing films and photographs showing the exhibits, interiors and architecture of the Castle for any purposes other than private.

III. Final regulations:
1. Visitors are also obliged to follow the Administrator’s instructions on matters which are not covered by the Regulations.
2. If you violate the provisions of the Regulations and generally accepted standards of behaviour and safety in public places, you may be requested to leave the Castle.
3. Vehicles which are left in the courtyards without the Administrator’s consent may be removed without notice by appropriate services at the expense of the vehicle owner.
4. By entering the Castle grounds you accept the provisions of the Regulations.
5. The Administrator reserves the right to make amendments to these Regulations at any time.