Gothic Gallery

Witches’ Cell

With  the Szczecin Castle and Dukes’ Family the history of accused of witchcraft and condemned to death in 1620 Sidonia von Borcke is connected. According to the legend, she allegedly put a curse on Dukes’ Family.  Subsequent, premature deaths of Pomeranian Dukes, who died childless, began to threaten with the Dynasty extinction.

The fate of Sidonia von Borcke is brought closer to the visitors through the holographic projection and replicas of 16th and 17th-century punishment and torture instruments presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition is enriched by the series of works by Andrzej Maciejewski, which are the contemporary interpretation of  the accused  of witchcraft noblewoman’s history.


Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Gothic Gallery (Entrance J)


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